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Specializing in stone, brick and block in all applications including custom residential new and restoration

A​bout Red Rocks Masonry Inc.

Red Rocks Masonry Inc is a premier Colorado stone and brick masonry contractor. We are founded in tradition with some of the best stone masons around who have multi generation backgrounds in ALL aspects of masonry including historical restoration, true masonry (wood burning) fireplaces, pizza ovens, Patios, retaining walls, veneer and more. You name it, we can do it (and we do it well). 


Our Historical Restoration services include mortar color matching, mortar composition matching, tuckpointing, demolition for remodel/repair, rebuilding to original specs (when necessary), and matching style with stone (individual masons and different eras can have their own unique style (this is especially apparent in stone masonry).


Fireplaces, Pizza Ovens and Bread Ovens, Firepits - With many decades of experience under the belts of our master masons, we are able to construct true masonry wood burning fireplaces (including Rumford fireplaces) from scratch, pizza ovens in both dome and vault style construction built from scratch or with kits such as Forno Bravo, and firepits of all shapes and sizes. Our fireplaces are constructed with tried and true design elements that provide maximum performance through draw, combustion, and radiant heat.

Masonry Veneer - RRMI installs all types of masonry veneer including full bed depth stone, brick, thinstone and thin brick. 


Flagstone - RRMI installs flagstone in all applications whether it be vertical or flat work, caps, treads, dimensional cuts or random flag. We use high strength mortar recipes for laying and grouting the flag and when laying make sure every stone on an outdoor project is well seated with joints sealed from the elements. Our attention to detail is top notch and you will get the most attractive, most durable flagstone install with RRMI. 


Retaining walls - Retaining walls can vary in design an construction based on retention needs. We build all types from a simple drystack rock retaining wall to concrete and structural block with stone veneer and caps for more robust needs.


Arches, Quoin corners, corbels, dentil details - whatever it is, if it's masonry, we have you covered.

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